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Info Searching

Great! On the computer the answer I'll find;
I'll not be thought ignorant anymore.
Just move over a minute if you don't mind,
I'll locate the fact or the trend or the score.

Sure, I'll pick up your pencil, no sweat at all;
I think, really, I was next, though, in line.
The idea I remember; in place, it will fall,
if the data will in order align.

Oh, an old acquaintance catches my eye;
it's so awkward not to greet an old friend.
Now, what was the issue to find reasons why?
facts in the news or a note I should send?

The icons appear, and not one gives a clue;
I'll be ignorant as I was before.
The information is there, but I can't tell you.
It is lost in the maze metaphor.

@09/23/2018 Carol Welch
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