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In Your Dreams

"Those were the days," we say,
dipping in the just-thawed creek;
spring-fed, foolish endurance in early May,
pushing the season by the chilly week.

"Those were the nights," now we recall,
swinging and tapping dancing shoes,
paying tomorrow for extending the ball,
living like nothing was to lose.

Looking to the future, ambitious plans, it seems,
on a summer weekend looked okay;
Monday morning, we doubted, saying, "In your dreams,"
but plugged on, faced another day.

Curfew, once scorned, took on a different hue,
when it involved our precious kid,
seeing them grow up, hopefully true,
to our advice, not always what we did.

That was the future; now looking back,
unbelievable what there was to come,
travel, electronics, banishing the lack,
marked time for many , affluence for some..

Some day, looking back at today,
we will marvel at the change,
from rustic life to emerging modern way,
scrapping the passe', we'll rearrange.

Looking to tomorrow, the world is speeding by;
we slow down a bit--a lot--it seems,
seeing a generation--or two--also try,
to accomplish what we may say, "In your dreams."

@02/20/2019 Carol Welch
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