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Envisioned Amery Flag

The red, white and blue American flag we love;
What colors could the flag of Amery be?
Could it be green for growth or blue like sky above,
or river and lakes, and a measure of loyalty?

How about gold for enlightening of the mind,
and white, for the seeking of purity and truth,
silver, shining, as new industry we find,
red, for heart and enthusiasm of our youth?

Purple, as we recognize the royalty of doing right,
include images of balance of stability and choice,
and those that bring visual and lively arts to light,
and symbols of audio, citizens given voice.

The red-orange of fall, pink and white of spring,
the globe, symbol of respecting every land,
flanked by what local history images bring,
combining old and new, inspiring a future grand.

@08/06/2018 Carol Welch
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