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Dream or Hope For Spring

Did I dream or imagine the crocus awoke us,
just out by the doorstep, so bright?
Or, does it seem the world's out of focus,
as I face the vast piles of white?

I hear of a new day, Monday or Tuesday,
when green grass pops up to carpet our lawn.
Can it be, the north pole is now in control,
and all hope of springtime is gone?

“Cheer up,” says the forecaster, “Time of tulip and aster
come in due time every year.”
The dandelion will be fine, and soon columbine,
will grace the fence line, and daisies will cheer.

Ducks and geese in the ponds, dabbling among fronds,
soon will lead lines of fluffy offspring.
Frogs will deeply croak, serenading the folk,
and bluebirds and robins will sing.

Dear fellow residents, these amazing events,
are sure to take place, though postponed.
The sun-longing heart soon will take part.
With—most--snow sent to land south pole zoned.

@04/21/2018 Carol Welch
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