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Though not welcome, a lesson may,
however you hate to admit,
awkward situations come your way,
when you had not expected it.

That haste makes waste, world wide is known;
urgency and time may set your need,
bypass the prep, and get it done;
to slice frozen bagel, you proceed.

When blood is coursing down your hand,
at a loss to hide your carelessness,
but needing help, your huge demand,
give up your pride; your plight confess.

So, as your friend provides Band aid,
you reflect on worth of thinking twice;
how better satisfaction delayed,
than, along with bagel, hand to slice.

And, so, the lesson, welcome learn;
that saving time, though can seem nice,
When alternative is, cut's bad turn,
result of frozen bagel slice.

@09/30/2020 Carol Welch
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