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Daylight Time Change

Will the advancing of the clock give extra hours,
the sun not joining it to spring ahead?
Now, we're racing, late for Sunday school,
from lying too long, sleepy in our bed.

The added hour of sunshine at day's end,
soon will add more meaning to saved light.
The prolonged time for playing with a friend,
the after-work or after-school delight.

But, the morning, kids were at Sunday school,
when we were still drowsy in the sack,
our punctuality more complying with the rule,
last fall when we were early, falling back.

A day of adapting to the annual change,
will it forego the confusion and the fuss?
Now , will we our schedule rearrange,
so that we, on time, get on the bus?

@03/03/2020 Carol Welch
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