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Community Spirit

November snow, no sooner come than gone,
A new week's inspiration on Sunday is bestowed.
Some gladly view bare streets regained green lawn,
as commerce on Monday resumes or keeps its mode.

The businesses, both familiar old, and new,
serve the local countyside and town.
Some holiday trappings come into view;
fall athletic competitions bring renown.

Is the Turtle hungry? Here to teach,
Art Association promoting lively arts,
efforts any preference to reach,
entertain, develop, touch our hearts.

Do not be nervous; still the service,
afforded by businesses new and old,
health protected, progress effected,
community center, library, culture bonds uphold

Did you think that many extra smiles,
met you as you strolled upon the street?
Could it be that through the years and miles,
we see observed an inclination sweet?

Attending daily to our spiritual self,
in churches and beyond, in daily life,
rancors put upon the shelf,
softening of countenance of strife,

A lighter step is noted in our walk,
as all these efforts, too, join hand in hand.
Thankfulness is present in our talk,
and awaiting Christmas, God here in our land.

@11/09/2017 Carol Welch
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